2017 Ruza Rosé

Ruza unites craft winemaking with the format of the moment: the can. Abundant raspberry, cherry, and strawberry on the nose meets peppy brightness and a dry finish for a cool, contemporary rosé. Oh, and one more thing: it’s slightly spritzy on the palate. Chill, pop, repeat.



Wherever Ruza cans + JammyPack go, the party follows. Each Party Pack includes a portable cooler with built-in speaker and 12 cans of Ruza. Take it wherever summer takes you.


Ruza is brought to you by Winc. We believe that wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. And we work hard to ensure that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine is as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates over one hundred wines, so you can explore and shop with ease — and spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.

Ruza is the passion project of two longtime friends with a shared love for adventures and wine. Snowboarder-turned-vintner Brian Smith, and dog musher-turned- sommelier Aaron Forman set out to challenge the notion that wine in a can is of a lesser quality than wine in a bottle. The result is Ruza; hand-crafted, direct-press rosé with a spritzy palate and a taste for adventure.

Brian Smith,  vintner & Winc co-founder

Brian Smith, vintner & Winc co-founder

Aaron Forman, sommelier-restaurateur

Aaron Forman, sommelier-restaurateur



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