#RuzaRightNow Party Pack 

Wherever Ruza cans + JammyPack go, the party follows. Each Party Pack includes a portable cooler with built-in speaker and 12 cans of Ruza. Take it wherever summer takes you.


The #ruzarightnow party pack includes:

Twelve cans of Ruza in
a JammyPack cooler

Includes complimentary shipping and good vibes.

12 cans = 3 bottles of wine

2017 Ruza Rosé

Ruza unites craft winemaking with the format of the moment: the can. Abundant raspberry, cherry, and strawberry on the nose meets peppy brightness and a dry finish for a cool, contemporary rosé. Oh, and one more thing: it’s slightly spritzy on the palate. Chill, pop, repeat.



This Ruza-inspired JammyPack is the perfect accessory to all of your summer adventures. Each portable cooler comes with 12 cans of Ruza (equivalent to 3 bottles of wine!) and plays your favorite tunes. Pop your smart phone into the detachable speaker pocket for an instant party. Take the Ruza JammyPack wherever summer takes you and chill, pop, jam, repeat.