Does the can affect the taste of the wine?
Not at all. We’ve done extensive testing to ensure Ruza in a can tastes just as delicious as in a bottle. We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Also, the bubbles are bound to last longer in the can than if the wine was poured into a glass.

How much wine is in a single can?
Each can is 250 ml (just over 8 oz), or about 1.5 glasses of wine. 3 cans equals a bottle of wine!

Where can I buy Ruza cans?
3-packs of Ruza cans are sold on, and in 4-packs of cans to wholesalers. For restaurants and retailers near you, check here.

What do you mean by “thoughtfully-farmed”?
The grapevines that grow to produce Ruza are cropped and farmed specifically for rosé production, and the grapes are picked early in the season to produce a rosé of optimal color, flavor, and acidity.

What is “direct press” and why does it matter?
The direct press method is what we believe is the best method for producing rosé. With this method, the grapes go straight to the press after being picked, which minimizes the amount of time the skins are in contact with the juice. Not only does this create a beautiful, pale pink color, but helps minimize tannins. This is also how rosé is made in the motherland of pink wine...Provence.